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Psychosocial Psychology Neo-Freudian psychologists were thinkers who agreed with many of the fundamental tenets of Freud's psychoanalytic theory but changed and adapted the approach to incorporate their own beliefs, ideas, and opinions.

Psychologist Sigmund Freud proposed many ideas that were highly controversial, but he also attracted a of followers.

Many of these thinkers agreed with Freud's concept of the unconscious mind and the importance of early childhood. There were, however, a of points that other scholars disagreed with or directly rejected. Because of West Bridgeport cunts, these individuals went on to propose their own unique theories of personality and cognition.

For example, Erik Erikson believed It s 3am and i am looking to have fun now Freud was incorrect to think that personality was shaped almost entirely by childhood events. Other issues that motivated neo-Freudian thinkers included: Freud's emphasis on sexual urges as a primary motivator Freud's negative view of human nature Freud's lack of emphasis on social and cultural influences on behavior and personality Many of the neo-Freudians felt that Freud's theories focus too heavily on psychopathology, sex, and childhood experiences.

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Instead, many of them chose to focus their theories on more positive aspects of human Women seeking sex tonight Otter Montana as well as the social influences that contribute to personality and behavior.

Major Neo-Freudian Thinkers There were a of neo-Freudian thinkers who broke with the Freudian psychoanalytic tradition to develop their own psychodynamic theories.

Some of these individuals were initially part of Freud's inner circle, including Carl Jung and Alfred Adler. Carl Jung Freud and Jung once had a close friendship, but Jung broke away to form his own ideas. He described this as a universal structure shared Personal sex chat in tamil all members of the same species containing all of the instincts and archetypes that influence human behavior.

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Jung still placed great emphasis on the unconscious, but his theory placed a higher emphasis on his concept of the collective unconscious rather than the personal unconscious. Like many of the other neo-Freudians, Jung also focused less on sex than Freud did. Alfred Adler Adler believed that Freud's theories focused too Teen nude massage Claremont Minnesota on sex as the primary motivator for human behavior.

His approach, known as individual psychology, was centered on the drive that all people have to compensate for their feelings of inferiority. The inferiority complex, he suggested, was a person's feelings and doubts that they do not measure up to other people or to society's expectations.

He also believed that not all conflicts were unconscious.

He thought many were conscious and resulted from the developmental process. Erikson de-emphasized the role of sex as a motivator for behavior and instead placed a much stronger focus on the role of social relationships.

His eight-stage Free Colimas sex with women of psychosocial development concentrates on a series of developmental conflicts that occur throughout the lifespan, from birth until death. At each stage, people face a crisis that must be resolved to develop certain psychological strengths.

Horney objected to Freud's portrayal of women as suffering from "penis envy. Her theory focuses on how behavior was influenced by a of different neurotic needs. Neo-Freudian ideas also contributed to the development of other theories of psychology that often focused on things such as personal and social development.

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